Motorcycling Trips

Motorcycles on our Trip

The great thing about motorcycling is that you do not need fantastic places to go to have really awesome rides. In fact, much of Maryland appears ideal for motorcycling. Sure, there are also places where riding a motorcycle in Maryland is not so much fun, but I have listed some of my favorite rides here. I have tried to include as much additional information on each ride, but current conditions may be different. On many rides, I have been able to find good places to eat or stop for a break. I have tried to include good places, but I have not made an extensive list of all the choices I found.

Katie just before takeoff

In much of the area West of Route 29, the road surfaces are generally in good condition. The counties do a good job of maintaining these roadways even with the reduced population in these areas. There are still plenty of surface hazards to avoid on all rides, and newer pavement is no excuse for lack of proper scanning. Since I usually see many motorcycles riding these routes, the routes described appear to be well known to local riders. With the lighter traffic volume and the rolling countryside, we have many great places to ride in this area. Be Safe!