Martin's Motorcycle: Motorcycle Shows 2007

Custom Pink Suzuki 2007 Baltimore Motorcycle Show

The winter months can be quite cold here in the northeast limiting the number of good motorcycling days. A trip to a motorcycle show is a great way to see new motorcycles and custom modifications. Many great products are also on display. Katie and I have been to two motorcycle shows in the 2007 season. We saw the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show in early January in Washington DC.

Boss Hoss V8 2007 Baltimore Motorcycle Show

The International Motorcycle Show in Baltimore was later in January, and this show was smaller in scale than the motorcycle show in Washington DC. None of the major factory displays were present at the Baltimore motorcycle show. There were mostly local dealers and local merchants. We were allowed to sit on some of the bikes with custom paint jobs.

Historic Motorcycles 2007 Baltimore Motorcycle Show

We saw the several of the eight cylinder trikes and motorcycles from Boss Hoss. Other eight cylinder bikes are on the market, but these bikes use the V-8 engine from Chevrolet. The bikes are offered with 350 cubic inch (5.7 liter) or 502 cubic inches (or 8.2 liter) engines. It is amazing that they are able to fit these engines on a motorcycle.

One of the best things about the Baltimore show was the large number of historic motorcycles. There were several Indians, many Harley Davidsons, a few Triumphs, and some Russian and German motorcycles. These motorcycles were on display outside the entrance of the show.